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Living with HIV in Bolivia


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Daniel Ruiz Diaz from Bolivia has been living with HIV for 20 years. He is the national secretary for Red Bol, the national network for people living with HIV in Bolivia.

He is also Deputy Director of Instituto de Desarrollo Humano (IDH), an Alliance linking organisation, and President of the Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanism for Bolivia.

He explains what life is like for someone who is living with HIV in Bolivia.

“Life is hard especially if you are indigenous, a peasant farmer, poor, homosexual and you live with HIV.

“Discrimination continues to be very commonplace, and health services are extremely limited. There is still a lot of prejudice in society, and there is a lot of remaining work to be done in the area of social inclusion.

“I hope that we can start to see a comprehensive, integrated approach to HIV and AIDS, one that is based on the principle of no prejudice. The silence surrounding HIV still needs to be broken,”

This week global decision makers are meeting to review the progress made on the HIV/AIDS response at the UN in New York. They are discussing the next steps in the global fight to tackle the epidemic and how to achieve the Millennium Development Goal 6 on combating HIV, TB and malaria.

“In Bolivia we are still a long way from achieving MDG6. Central government resources are urgently needed and sustainable policies related to MDG6 are required. We are still 99% dependent on international donors for our national HIV/AIDS response!

“We need greater scrutiny by the international community of the use of funds for HIV/AIDS, in order to make their use more effective. We would like to see the international community push for the Bolivian government to provide match funding for the HIV response,” says Daniel.

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