Jamra primary scholl for children affected by HIV/AIDS, drugs or poverty, Senegal (c) Nell Freeman/Alliance Participants in the Photovioce project, Ecuador © Marcela Nievas for the Alliance
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Financial transaction tax is taking shape: important it happens for HIV, health and development


Aids Alliance

We’re at a critical juncture for a financial transaction tax (FTT), or ‘Robin Hood’ tax in more ways than one.

An FTT is becoming an increasing reality with French, German, Brazilian governments and the European Commission standing behind it. The International HIV/AIDS Alliance supports these positive developments.

However, it is very worrying that France and the European Commission are planning an FTT for domestic purposes only. This should not happen. A proportion of an FTT should go to health, including HIV, and development for people in the poorest countries who through no fault of their own have been affected  by the fallout of the reckless behaviour of the financial sector.

We must focus our efforts to ensure an FTT improves health for the poorest all over the world. HIV and health advocates need to mobilize all efforts to ensure that a part of an FTT is allocated to HIV to provide life saving treatment to 15 million people living with HIV by 2015.

Things are moving, but we can’t afford to rest on our laurels – we are currently facing an estimated funding shortfall of almost $ 488 bn from 2009-2015 for global health, including $125 bn for HIV and AIDS,  and the revenue an FTT is capable of narrowing this gap.

FTT resources quickly allocated to HIV and AIDS through efficient aid mechanisms, such as the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, which remain poorly resourced, could help to implement universal access commitments to HIV prevention, treatment and care, including by 2015 providing ART to 15 million people living with HIV.

Read more on our blog: Alliance Head of Policy Anton Kerr on the latest FTT developments

FTT for HIV, health and development

Together with 13 national and international organisations the Alliance is calling for “An FTT for Global Heath”.

We ask HIV and health advocates to support the call for “An FTT for Global Heath” and add your logo to the paper by sending it to Olga Golichenko at ogolichenko@aidsalliance.org.

Joining the FTT campaign is easy:

  • Get in touch with national and international organisations campaigning for an FTT;
  • Ask your government to join the coalition of governments pushing to implement an FTT in 2011;
  • Write about your interest to join to Olga Golichenko at ogolichenko@aidsalliance.org

Our governments need to know that we are watching them, and that we expect them to deliver for better health of the poorest. Now it is important time for a tiny tax which has a huge potential to improve people’s lives all over the world.

For more details about the FTT visit http://robinhoodtax.org