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RedTraSex marks 15 years of campaigning for sex workers rights


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RedTraSex, the Latin American and the Caribbean network of sex workers, has launched a new report celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Traditionally an underrepresented group, sex workers’ risk of HIV infection is 10-30 times higher than other women in the region.

You can download the full report in Spanish here or read an English summary here.  

Throughout its fifteen years, the network has gone from strength to strength. From its base of strong national organisations across the region, REDTRASEX has become a campaigning powerhouse, gaining representation on 11 Global Fund Country Coordinating Mechanisms across Latin America and speaking at numerous conferences, forums and high-level meetings to demand recognition of sex workers’ human rights, in particular for women sex workers to enjoy the free choice of employment, and to just and favourable conditions of work.

The network, its member organisations and the sex workers involved have thrived as their own voices have been heard at local, national and regional levels. While funding has often been to support work on reducing sex workers’ vulnerability to HIV, RedTraSex sees this as part of its broader demand for human rights and empowerment. The network is campaigning for the recognition of sex work as work by governments, including laws to regulate sex work which implicitly recognize sex workers as workers and citizens.  

A partnership with the Alliance since 2004 has helped RedTraSex to build its capacity, the quality of its work, and its credibility, so it can have a greater influence in the region, directly representing sex workers.

In 2012, RedTraSex began implementation of its largest project to date: the Global Fund is funding a multi-year, multi-country project to strengthen the capacity of its member organizations to expand its reach and impact.

Read more about RedTraSex's work here.