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Civil society survey on Global Fund New Funding Model


Aids Alliance

Civil society representatives are invited to provide crucial input to a meeting that the Global Fund Board Communities and NGO delegations are organizing on 19-20 May. At this meeting they will discuss how to best support civil society and communities in the current pilot and the future roll out of the GF¹s New Funding Model (NFM).

On behalf of the Global Fund Communities and NGOs Delegations:

Please take the opportunity to participate in a Survey on the roll out of the Global Fund¹s New Funding Model and forward this link so we can reach people you know who could make a valuable contribution to the Survey.

You can access the Survey via the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RP96DCS .

With your input we will be able to build on experiences and lessons learnt so far. Based on this we will try to identify future information and support needs of civil society and communities, look at implications for collaboration and discuss division of labor between civil society organization and networks.

REQUEST: please fill out the Survey yourself (if appropriate) and share this Survey with colleagues of which you know they have been involved (or are to be involved) in a dialogue process at country level to prepare for a Concept Note (either ³Early applicant², ³Interim applicant² countries or ³Regional applicants²).

Do not hesitate to contact ICCS if you have any questions: pvr@icssupport.org.