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Be part of the world's greatest bank job


10 metre high projection on the Bank of England © Mark Chilvers

Thousands have pledged their support for a tiny tax on bankers that could raise billions each year for global causes, including HIV and health.

So far, since we announced the launch of the Robin Hood Tax campaign last week over 23,000 people have signed up. Are you one of them? If you haven’t already you can sign up below.


A 0.05% tax on speculative financial transactions could raise $700 billion every year to be spent at home and abroad. The money could be put to many a good use, including preventing millions of unnecessary deaths from HIV, TB and malaria.

Sound like a good idea? Join the 47,401 (& counting) who have already voted in favour in the campaign online poll, and join the rapidly growing bands merry men and women on Facebook.


Over 250,00 people have watched Bill Nighy masquerading as a financial type in the promotional film ‘The Banker’.

During a BBC interview Bill quashed concerns that any costs to banks would get ‘shunted’ back to the public, and responded to any early pessimism, by saying: “You tend at first to discount it because it sounds too beautifully simple – and the problem seems so complex. But in fact it is that brilliant and it is that simple.”

You can see Bill being interviewed here, along with Richard Curtis, who directed The Banker.

    it is that brilliant and it is that simple