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Colombian partner LigaSida is Champion NGO


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The Alliance’s partner in Colombia, LigaSida, has been awarded the status of Champion NGO as formal recognition of its work, which follows the Code of Good Practice for NGO’s responding to HIV/AIDS.

The Code draws on 20 years of knowledge and experience. It was developed by NGOs, for NGOs, setting out the key principles and practice and evidence base required for successful responses to HIV.

The principles are aspirational, and in endorsing the Code, NGO's strive to continuous improvement and accountability, by committing to a shared vision of good practice in programming and advocacy.


Of the 456 NGO supporters of the Code, only 25 have received this formal recognition. Other Alliance organisations among those 25 include Alliance Ukraine, Alliance China, Kimirina (Ecuador), CiSHAN (Nigeria), and KANCO (Kenya).

The Code aims to foster collaboration between NGOs so it is appropriate that LigaSida achieved this recognition through its close cooperation with the Colombian Red Cross, which also received this recognition. Staff at LigaSida are very grateful to the Red Cross for its support in the process. 

Jorge Pacheco Cabrales, Coordinator of LigaSida, said: “We are very pleased to be recognised as a champion in responding to HIV. This recognition will give LigaSida new quality tools to ensure a better performance as NGO in the region.”

    LigaSida is one of 25 Champion NGOs