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Improving maternal health – every minute counts


Memory game 'just a minute' from AfGH

Every minute, one woman or girl dies from complications during pregnancy, childbirth or in the first few weeks after giving birth.


To show how quickly a minute passes, and to demonstrate how critical it is that action be taken on MDG5, to improve maternal health and achieve universal access to reproductive health, Action for Global Health (AfGH) has developed a memory game.

Players have ‘just a minute’ to match one pair of cards that each contain one poignant fact about maternal health and the state of MDG 5.

Play the game now.


Despite the commitment to reduce maternal mortality by three quarters by 2015, there has been little progress.

The vast majority of these deaths are preventable, given better access to basic health care and services. The reasons for this must be addressed if we have any hope of seriously meeting our MDG5 obligations.

European leaders must meet their commitments and take a leading role in improving conditions for mothers around the world and, ultimately, to save lives.


Differences in access to skilled delivery care between rich and poor countries represent larger equity gaps than for any other health service. Universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights remains unmet. Sabine Terlecki, from AfGH partner Plan Europe, highlights:

“99% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries. Every minute, one woman or girl dies from complications during pregnancy. This is unacceptable! At the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly we ask the European policy-makers to take just a minute to play the MDG5 memory game so as to find out what they can do to help reduce maternal mortality.”


The Alliance is part of AfGH which is a network of European health and development organisations advocating for Europe to play a more proactive role in improving health in developing countries, and enabling developing countries to meet the Health Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

You view the complete set of cards here. 

    99% of maternal deaths occur in developing countries