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Court bans Ugandan media from outing gay people


The shocking Rolling Stone headline that spaked controversy

The Ugandan High Court has ruled that articles published in a Kampala newspaper which called for homosexuals to be hanged violated the constitutional rights to privacy and safety of those named.

‘Rolling Stone’, a weekly newspaper published in Kampala, Uganda, presented on its front page of 2 October 2010 an article entitled ‘100 Pictures of Uganda’s top homos leaked’. The publication called for homosexuals to be ‘hanged’ and exposed names, addresses and pictures of gay men and women.

In a previous ruling the newspaper was ordered to stop publishing the men and women’s details. The ruling now extends to all media outlets.

Take action

The newspaper’s editor has previously stated that he intends to “dodge the law” so it is important that the ruling is enforced. Read how you can help stop the persecution of sexual minorities in Uganda.

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