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Successful project model to be extended across Central America


Colectivo Hermano, Irasamy's community-based organisation, was a partner in 2007 of Vida Digna (c) Aids Alliance

Following the success of the Vida Digna Project, which worked to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination in Mexico, the project model is to be extended across Central America.

Chasquira did not know the meaning of Human Rights until she decided to join the Vida Digna Project in her hometown in Mexico: “I had never heard about homophobia or transphobia, I did not know that I could defend my Rights”.  The Vida Digna project changed her life as well as other populations where risk and vulnerability converge: men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers, people living with HIV, transgender, transvestites and transsexuals and injecting drug users in Mexico. Watch a video showing the Vida Digna project in action:

Based on this success, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and ViiV Healthcare’s Positive Action programme have agreed to continue the Vida Digna Adaptation of the project (first implemented by Colectivo Sol in Mexico) in a new 3 year project in El Salvador and other Central American countries working to reduce stigma and discrimination in the region.

With a total budget of $608,071 the project will be implemented from January 2011 to December 2013.  This will be a multi parties project involving our Linking Organisation Altacatl and two Network partners from the region, Colectivo Sol will play an observatory role of the adaptation of Vida Digna in the Central American Countries together with Alliance Secretariat

The Vida Digna Project is based on building an environment favourable to the reduction of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination towards key populations in El Salvador and through The Latin American Network of Sex Workers (Redtrasex) in Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala

Asociación Atlacatl Vivo Positivo will be the lead partner in the project in El Salvador, and current partners in country will continue to receive onward grants. Redtrasex member organisations in Central America will also be involved through Orquideas del Mar, based in El Salvador. The Latin American Network of Transgender people (Redlactrans) will be involved through their focal points in 3 Central American countries.

Atlacatl is well positioned to take the lead as they currently house the Regional Secretariat for the Central American Network of People living with HIV/AIDS, as well as being engaged with various other networks. Vida Digna is an entry point for expanding anti-stigma and discrimination work to countries in Central America and thus, for contributing to developing social capital with inter-regional links, to reduce stigma and discrimination.

Watch a video showing the work of our partner ViiV Healthcare's Positive Action programme.