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Learning exchange: integrating SRHR and HIV programming in Asia


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Alliance linking organisations from seven countries in Asia came together in Phnom Penh in Cambodia for a week long learning exchange (30 May – 3 June 2011) focused on integrating sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in HIV programming.

KHANA, the largest NGO providing HIV prevention, care and support services in Cambodia, and the Alliance’s linking organisation in the country hosted the Alliance Regional Learning Exchange.

Dr. Sunil Mehra, Executive Director of MAMTA, a linking organisation in India, led the HIV/SRHR integration workshop.  Since 1990 MAMTA has been building the capacity of over 150 community based organisations in 11 states in India, on issues related to sexual and reproductive health and HIV, with a particular focus on young people, children and women.

The event is a good example of how learning is shared across the Alliance, strengthening programmes globally. Manohara Subramaniam, National Programme Manager at the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) plans to incorporate the learning into a new programme in Malaysia for women who are injecting drug users (IDU) or have partners who inject drugs.

“I very much want to take back this information and I want to integrate it into our IDU programme”, said Manohara.

“I have just learned from SASO and Korsang (implementing partner of KHANA) about their very good experiences, the very good services they are providing in this area of SRH . . . and I want to make sure that the SRH component is there in our programme.”

Extended exchange

Exchange participants from the HIV/AIDS and STD Alliance Bangladesh (HASAB) in Bangladesh, and MAC, visited  KHANA’s Focused Prevention Programme, visiting four partner organisations who provide tailored services for entertainment workers, injecting drug users, and migrant workers.

Other exchanges took part during the week including:

a Horizontal Learning Exchange between Alliance China and KHANA on financial management and onward granting;

a Horizontal Learning Exchange between MAC and HASAB and KHANA on focused prevention for sex workers;

and a Cambodian context focused HIV and SRHR integration workshop for KHANA and implementing partners.

Two of the participants blogged on the event, hear from:

Chhim Kolab, from KHANA,on the challenges and benefits of integrating HIV and SRHR, and:

Zamzuri Abdul Mari, from MAC, who talks in more details about the field trip.

About Horizontal Learning Exchanges

Horizontal Learning Exchanges are one mechanism, funded by the UK Secretariat, through which typically one linking organisation visits another. It provides a valuable platform for learning about each other's programming, analysing approaches, comparing internal systems and, upon return, incorporating lessons learnt to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

You can read about the exchanges that took place and the difference they made on the Alliance impact site here.