Jamra primary scholl for children affected by HIV/AIDS, drugs or poverty, Senegal (c) Nell Freeman/Alliance Participants in the Photovioce project, Ecuador © Marcela Nievas for the Alliance
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Directors meet to build momentum to end AIDS


Aids Alliance

The 8th Annual Directors Meeting was hosted by Alliance linking organisation Via Libre in Peru, from 12-16 March 2012. The meeting offered a space for Alliance directors to share experiences and think collectively about a new Alliance strategy for 2020.

26 directors attended the latest annual meeting of Alliance linking organisations, including those from organisations who have recently joined the Alliance: BONELA (Botswana), ATLACATL (El Salvador), SCDI (Viet-Nam), OSSA (Ethiopia) and POSITIVE VIBES (Namibia).  

Key themes

The main ideas which emerged from the various sessions, included:

  • Programme quality and key populations - directors highlighted the importance of programme quality and discussed ways to improve it. They were keen to help develop an Alliance position on biomedical models (Treatment as Prevention, new technologies) in order to be able to contribute to current debates. There was a strong feeling that the Alliance needs to continue to focus on human rights and key populations, using approaches that can be adapted in a diverse range of contexts.
  • Funding issues and organisational sustainability - the main message from directors was the need to identify ways in which they can reduce reliance on overseas development aid and attract non-traditional funding.
  • Relationships with national governments and stakeholders – directors stressed the need to invest in partnerships with national governments, especially those in middle income countries. They requested support to monitor and track national health budgets and position themselves accordingly.
  • Alliance related matters – directors had the opportunity to review a revised version of the Charter and Linking Agreement (to be launched in April 2012).

A new strategy for the Alliance

The Alliance’s current strategic framework ends this year and as part of the process of defining a new 2020 vision for the partnership, the directors took part in a debate on key drivers and options for the future of the Alliance.  Their input will feed into the development of a new strategy, to be launched in 2013.

Thanks to Via Libre

Via Libre were great hosts for the event. Attendees particularly appreciated having the opportunity to learn more about human rights programming and advocacy for key populations during an exchange forum with key civil society actors and activists from Peru. They also valued being able to learn from an LO that raises its own resources to fund this important work.