Jamra primary scholl for children affected by HIV/AIDS, drugs or poverty, Senegal (c) Nell Freeman/Alliance Participants in the Photovioce project, Ecuador © Marcela Nievas for the Alliance
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Robin Hood Tax: week of action


Robin Hood Tax campaigners in Denmark (c) Robin Hood Tax

From 15-22 May organisations and activists in over 30 countries united to put pressure their governments to back a Robin Hood Tax as part of a global week of action.

Activists want to see Europe and the rest of the world agree to a Robin Hood Tax, also known as the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT), with the proceeds used to help the poorest and address global priorities such as health (including the HIV response). Click here to see how much the tax could raise and what it could pay for.

The co-ordinated action was timed to coincided with G8 leaders meeting in Camp David (May 18-19) and a meeting of European leaders (23 May) where the FTT was on the agenda.

The Alliance, along with hundreds of civil society organisations from across Europe, has written to the nine European countries that already back an FTT, calling on them to ensure that proceeds are used to address global health, and tackle poverty and climate change.

As part of the week of action a huge rally of nurses dressed in Robin Hood hats marched on the streets of Chicago, and Robin Hoods gathered on Mount Fuji in Japan, outside Big Ben in Britain, in Italy, India, Brazil, Zambia, Malawi, Belgium and more. You can see photos from the week of action here.

UN Human Rights experts have also thrown their weight behind the Robin Hood Tax and have urged the European Union to take the lead in promoting a global financial transaction tax to protect basic human rights.

Show your support for the FTTclick here to sign the petition today!

Watch this video featuring activists advocating for the implementation of a global Financial Transactions Tax for sustainable human development, including the HIV response (video by Gestos and LACCASO) :