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Community Action on Harm Reduction

Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR) is an ambitious project that aims to expand harm reduction services to more than 180,000 injecting drug users, their partners and children in China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia. 

You can visit the CAHR project website here:

The programmes are being implemented by a consortium of Alliance linking organisations:

- Alliance China
- International HIV/AIDS Alliance in India
- Rumah Cemera, Indonesia
- KANCO, Kenya
Malaysian AIDS Council

Their main focus will be on providing HIV and harm reduction services to people who use drugs and their families in the five listed countries.  The programme will involve people who use drugs in the design and delivery of services, and is developing advocacy plans to advance the human rights of people who use drugs.  There is a strong focus on building the local capacity of community based organisations and sharing knowledge about what works.

The project aims to demonstrate in each country how it is possible to reach more people by capitalising on both the infrastructure and the evidence-based approaches of the national AIDS response, in order to scale-up harm reduction programmes quickly.

CAHR is being led by the the Alliance which has a strong track record around working with people who use drugs, their families and households to improve health. 

CAHR is made possible through a grant by the Dutch government.  The project will draw upon the experience in the Netherlands itself, where harm reduction has proven to be a successful and cost-effective approach to HIV/AIDS prevention and where infections (in January 2008) remained at 0.2% of the adult population, with just 4% attributed to IDU.  Human rights also constitute a fundamental principle in the Netherlands.

Technical expertise and global advocacy support is being provided by a team of national and international partners: Alliance Ukraine, AIDS Foundation East West, Health Connections International, International Drug Policy Consortium, International Harm Reduction AssociationInternational Network of Drug Users and Prevention Information et Lutte contre le Sida.

    An ambitious global project that aims to expand harm reduction services to more than 180,000 injecting drug users.