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Programme monitoring

Children learning to write at school in Rambo, Burkina Faso © Gideon Mendel/AllianceAccess to health services workshop run by Atlatacl, Ecuador © Alliance

    We are seeing the value of our investments in monitoring and evaluation. 

A meeting of positive women where they share and discuss their problems in India 	© S.Prameela/ IHAA / Photovoice


The Alliance places high emphasis on measuring achievement towards its strategic goals and objectives as well as on ensuring accountability to donors and beneficiaries.

Alliance Linking Organisations and Country Offices monitor the progress of their programmes and are responsible for reporting to donors and other stakeholders. The Alliance Secretariat provides global guidance and knowledge sharing to ensure consistency.

We are committed to making our data available to all stakeholders through our Impact website and interactive map.

We are also a member of the International AID Transparency Initiative (IATI), which aims to make information about aid spending easier to access, use and understand. You can view the Alliance’s dataset on the IATI registry.

Our monitoring and reporting system

The Alliance uses a global Monitoring and Reporting System (MRS) for reliable and timely reporting. This uses a harmonised set of indicators drawn from those commonly used by USAID, the Global Fund, UNAIDS and others.

The MRS is used by Alliance Linking Organisations to manage projects and report to donors, policymakers and other stakeholders. Monitoring and reporting is conducted at every scale of programme implementation – from the community to the global level. Data from all Alliance projects are collated quarterly by the International Secretariat to allow centralised reporting of the Alliance’s progress. This information is analysed and used in global and regional advocacy work and in the development of best practice guidance for the effective delivery of programmes.

M&E capacity building

The Secretariat advises Alliance linking organisations on best practice in monitoring and reporting by producing guidelines and toolkits. The Alliance’s Regional Technical Support Hubs provide direct technical support to linking organisations and implementing partners.