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Community radio station that broadcasts programmes on HIV/AIDS, Senegal © Nell Freeman/Alliance

The Alliance is a global partnership of national organisations supporting community action on AIDS, TB and sexual and reproductive health.

We aim to provide members of the media with accurate and timely information that adds value to your reporting.

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Spokespersons are available for interview or to provide briefings from UK, Europe, USA, Africa, Latin America & Caribbean, Asia and Eastern Europe.

We can provide case studies and human interest stories, such as:

Assunte’s story

“Before the signing of the peace accord the sex workers were there but not open in the way they are now,” explains Assunte. “They rely on the street boys. Sometimes they get them to act as security so they don’t get beaten. They are then paid by the sex workers in kind.”

Assunte works for Southern Sudan Older People’s Organisation, supported by the Alliance, with sex workers and street boys to reduce the risk of HIV.

Yulia’s story

“It is good that we have clean syringes. Before, we used to wash them and re-use them. We are very lucky to have support and help. The outreach workers bring medicines and bandages too…They are dedicated people.”

Yulia is an HIV positive drug user from Kiev, Ukraine.


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