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Our impact in 2012

The global Alliance exists for one reason - to end AIDS.

This is an ambitious goal, but one we believe is realistic. When we look back over the 2012 we can be proud of the progress we have made. Our collective determination means that despite another challenging year for the HIV response we reached 69% more people in 2012 than the year before, improving the lives of 4.7 million people.

In the Annual Review, Shilla, Jamel and Marcela share their stories in the hope that as an Alliance we can help reduce the stigma and discrimination that continues to be the major barrier to their communities accessing the essential services they need.

Here we bring you the all important figures and the even more important stories behind them. You can click the images to flick through the PDFs, or go direct to specific case studies.

The Report and Accounts contains the Report of the Trustees, the independent auditors report to the members and a consolidated statement of financial activities for the year ended 31 December 2012.


2012 was the final year of our HIV and Healthy Communities strategy (2010-12). We outline our collective determination to achieve a world without AIDS, in our new strategy, HIV, Health and Rights: Sustaining Community Action (2012-20).

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Which outlines each of the new strategic responses in pictures, on Flickr here.

Case studies from the Annual Review

Response 1: Scaling up integrate HIV programming

Response 2: Supporting community-based organisations

Response 3: Helping form engaged, inclusive societies

Response 4: Creating a learning Alliance