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Financial summary

2008 income by donor2008 expenditure by region

    Alliance Linking Organisations are supported to become financially independent 

2008 project-based and strategic income

Total expenditure

Total expenditure of the Alliance global partnership was $100 million in 2011.

Direct to countries

Alliance Linking Organisations are supported to become strong, effective, financially independent organisations. An indication of successful capacity building in this area is the proportion of money going directly in-country instead of via the secretariat.

In 2011 60% of funding went direct to Linking Organisations, up from 58% in 2010. This is forecast to grow to 70% in 2012.

From the Secretariat including strategic funding

Just under $40 million (40% of total expenditure) was channelled through the secretariat and Alliance Country Offices† in 2011.

This included $11 million in strategic income for the secretariat. Uses of strategic funding include supporting the continuity of Linking Organisations, institutional learning systems, horizontal capacity building initiatives and accreditation. These are essential tools for building the capacity of Linking Organisations.

Country Offices are managed by the secretariat in the UK. Where possible, these offices later transition to become independent, national NGOs, and Linking Organisations of the Alliance.