Boy fishing in Cambodia © Barry Lewis/Positive Lives/Corbis Campaigners for safe sex in Mozambique © Gideon Mendel/Positive Lives/Corbis
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Positive Lives

HIV positive woman in Cambodia © Barry Lewis/Positive Lives/CorbisOrphans in Sangli, India © Nilayan Dutta/Positive Lives/Drik

    The 'human story' behind HIV and AIDS can challenge prejudice 

Woman in the Philippines © Harriet Logan/Positive Lives/Gill Turner Agency


Positive Lives is a unique global photography project that supports those living with HIV/AIDS and challenges the stigma and prejudices they face.

The project is one of the world's most acclaimed HIV/AIDS photography projects. Established in 1993, by a group of activists who believed that properly portrayed, the 'human story' behind HIV and AIDS could challenge the sources of ignorance and prejudice faced by those living with the disease.

For fifteen years, the project toured globally as part of major exhibitions and longer-term community programmes; it has been seen by over 2 million people world-wide and has received critical and public acclaim.
In 2009, the project transferred to the Alliance.

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To see images of the project on tour and to get a sense of its impact through comments made by project visitors and participants, please visit the Positive Lives Flickr pages.

Read Key Correspondent, Bobby Ramakant’s article on the use of photography to reduce HIV related stigma and discrimination.