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A tiny tax on bankers could make a huge difference to the lives of people in the world’s poorest countries.

There is an estimated $488 billion gap in resources for global health between 2009 and 2015, including a $125 billion gap for HIV and AIDS.

If we are to achieve the health-related Millennium Development Goals by 2015 we urgently need new and innovative sources of financing.

That’s why we’re part of the Robin Hood Tax coalition. The campaign calls for a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT), an inconsequential levy of between 0.5 and 0.005% on all financial products that are traded.

An average tax of just 0.05% could raise as much as $409 BILLION in a year!

An extra 200 million people now living on less than $2 a day because of an economic crisis they did nothing to cause. The financial sector, on the other hand, continues to make huge profits. It’s time that bankers pay their fair share to clear up the mess they helped create.

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What could the Robin Hood Tax do for HIV and health?

There are many ways the Robin Hood Tax could be used to invest in health – here’s just two:

  • WHO and UNAIDS estimate that at least 15 million people living with HIV were in need of HIV medication in 2011. The Robin Hood Tax could help deliver life saving anti-retroviral drugs to these people.
  • TB is a curable disease. Yet 1.4 million people died from TB in 2011. Small change from the banks can provide the cure.

In this video Bill Nighy visits Malawi to see the difference an FTT could make to the HIV and AIDS response:

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    Millions of people die each year from preventable diseases . . . the Bankers Tax can provide the cure