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What will replace the Millennium Development Goals?

As the 2015 target date for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) draws nearer, global and country-level discussions have kicked off to decide what will replace them.

HIV is represented in the current MDGs by MDG 6: to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, but there is no guarantee that it will be incorporated in the post-2015 development framework.

If HIV is not specifically mentioned in the new framework the hard won gains of the past 12 years could be lost.

That’s why the Alliance is encouraging the HIV community to actively engage in the global and national debates around the post-2015 framework. We want to make sure that the voices of people living with HIV and key populations at higher risk of HIV are at the centre of the post-2015 development process.

Download our discussion paper ‘How the HIV community can shape the future HIV and development agenda post-2015’ to read more about this critical time for the HIV response. The paper is also available in French and Spanish.

Influencing the process

The Alliance is dedicated to influencing the post MDG debate and ensuring that HIV is properly included.

In October 2012 we gave written evidence to the UK’s International Development Select Committee emphasising the importance of including HIV in the post-2015 framework to global health. You can read our evidence here.

Post-2015 resources and links

  • The World We Want – the global conversation about post-Millennium Development Goals
  • Get involved in the country/thematic consultations on post-Millennium Development Goals
  • Beyond 2015 – civil society consultation on post-Millennium Development Goals
  • NGOs Beyond 2014 – run by the Commonwealth Medical Trust (Commat), the website aims to provide information on the 20-year review of the ICPD Programme of Action (PoA). Additionally this site has up-to-date information on the various parallel process that are happening in development of the post-2015 development framework
  • In April 2013, Olga Golichenko, Global Heath Advocacy Officer, was interviewed by Smart Monkey TV for her take on the MDGs; progress to date and what more needs to be done. 

    In this first video Olga talks about the new kinds of problems that the post-2015 MDGs will have to tackle; the need for integration between different goals; and the role of economic transformation and the involvement of the private sector.

There are two more videos from the same interview:

  • Here, Olga outlines what the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are and how they were set up; what the eight current MDGs cover; their success in generating data that drives accountability; and the successes and failures of the different MDG goals. Watch here >>
  • Olga discusses more on the worries that the focus on health in the current MDGs might be lost in the new ones; how to find a way of integrating a number of different health objectives; what the big health players in the development field are saying; the importance of funding the new MDGs; and innovative financing approaches for the new MDGs.Watch here >>