UNAIDS estimates that 1.4 million people were living with HIV in Tanzania as of 2016.

We work with the Tanzania Council for Social Development (TACOSODE), an umbrella organisation which supports other non-governmental and community-based organisations through training, networking, policy analysis and advocacy. TASCOCODE have been working since the early 1990s to increase access to HIV services for young people, women and girls, and people living with HIV.

In 2017, TACOSODE reached 6,663 people with HIV prevention activities, including people who use drugs and young people. Furthermore, they reached almost 7,000 people with activities to reduce stigma and discrimination. And as part of their project on TB in the mining sector, they also reached 5,451 people with TB services.

TACOSODE was a partner in the multi-country SHARP programme which improved the sexual health and rights of men who have sex with men in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
TACOSODE now works with the Alliance on the READY+ programme which focuses on addressing the needs of adolescents and young people and the additional needs of those young people living with HIV.

In 2015, TACOSODE became a sub-recipient of the Global Fund grant for Harm Reduction in Eastern Southern Africa. The organisation has also started to influence decision-makers in Tanzania to engage in harm reduction policy. Furthermore, they reached almost 800 people who use drugs with opioid substitution therapy in 2017.