Senegal has a relatively low rate of HIV infection in the general population, but it is much higher amongst marginalised and criminalised groups, including men who have sex with men and sex workers. Over half of those living with HIV in Senegal are women.

We have been working with Alliance Nationale Contre le SIDA (ANCS) to tackle this. ANCS’s work focuses on preventing HIV among marginalised groups. Through a Global Fund project, ANCS are aiming to reach thousands of sex workers, men who have sex with men, young people and women with testing, antiretroviral treatment and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV, by 2015. The project aims to strengthen Senegal’s health system, rehabilitation health structures and recruiting nurses and midwives.

ANCS also provides technical and financial support to over 300 other community based organisations in Senegal. On top of that, in 2013 they distributed over 1 million condoms!