LAC Regional Programme

Latin America and the Caribbean

An estimated 1.4 million people are living with HIV in Latin America, compared to 1.2 million in 2001.

Although general prevalence rates are comparatively low, among key populations prevalence rates are estimated to be:

  • 35% among transgender people
  • 20-25% among men who have sex with men
  • 3.5% among sex workers

In the Caribbean, adult HIV prevalence is about 1%, higher than in any other world region outside of sub-Saharan Africa. Unprotected paid sex between men and women is thought to be the main mode of HIV transmission in the Caribbean.  In Jamaica, HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) is 38%.

Despite the HIV epidemic being so clearly concentrated in key populations, these ‘groups’ are highly stigmatised, and criminalised in most of the Caribbean. They therefore have very limited access to HIV prevention and treatment services.

The Alliance supports two regional initiatives in Latin America the Caribbean, Portal Sida and Key Correspondents, which help to spread information about HIV and give voice to affected communities.

We also support the regional networks RedTraSex and REDLACTRANS.


PortalSIDA supports knowledge sharing on HIV in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, by providing online tools and resources.  It is a joint initiative with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and NGOs and community networks in the region. More than 550 organisations are members.

Since its launch at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico in 2008, over 198,100 users have accessed PortalSIDA. Members of PortalSIDA can access a growing directory of people and organisations in the region, as well as information on events, news and job opportunities.  

Visit PortalSIDA here.

Key Correspondents

The Alliance hosts a citizen journalism programme called Key Correspondents (KCs). The KC team is a vibrant network of more than 250 community-based writers from more than 50 countries. Read more.

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance has extended this project to Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, named Corresponsales Clave, complementing the global initiative of establishing community-based correspondents.  At present, 19 correspondents from 14 countries in LAC share news from their communities. Visit the Spanish site here.

The LAC Key Correspondents write HIV-related stories from their communities, as well as other linked issues such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, sexual education, gender, development, the Global Fund, and more. They also seek to attend the main relevant events in their country, region and globally, informing their communities and giving voice to the voiceless.


Latin America and Caribbean Regional Programme

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     The initiatives we support help spread information about HIV and give voice to affected communities