Corporación Kimirina, an Alliance Linking Organisation since 1999, works with community organisations and key populations responding to HIV, malaria and sexual health in Ecuador.

Despite a low overall HIV prevalence rate of 0.4%, key populations are disproportionately affected by HIV. Men who have sex with men (MSM) are the most affected population, with an estimated prevalence of 19.3% in the capital, Quito. Prevalence is also high among transgender people and sex workers, and the rate of new infections is steadily increasing. Access to high quality health care remains inadequate and there are gaps in services targeted at key populations. Stigma and discrimination contribute to HIV transmission and hinder progress towards achieving universal access to prevention services.

Kimirina’s work

Prevention and services

As a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund Kimirina is working to improve universal access to HIV and health services and to prevent HIV amongst key populations. This work is implemented with the Ministry of Health.


Kimirina advocates at the national, municipal and provincial level for policies which adequately respond to HIV and AIDS, by providing access to prevention services, care and support and ARVs. Kimirina also advocates for the respect of human rights for key populations.

Technical support

Kimirina provides technical support to community-based organisations and helps mobilise key populations (sex workers, people living with HIV, transgender people, gay men and other men who have sex with men, marginalised young people) in response to the HIV epidemic.

Supporting transgender people

Kimirina works ensure that transgender people a more widely recognised population group and to identify their specific health needs. Kimirina builds the capacity of transgender organisations in Ecuador to implement projects and develop information, education and communication materials, as well as providing grants to implement HI related projects. These groups have established a Transgender Citizen’s Observatory, designed to build awareness of human rights, share information, report human rights violations, obtain legal support, provide counseling and improve access to health care and services.

Kimirina also:

  • Works to prevent and control malaria as Principal Recipient of a Global Fund grant which runs from 2010-2013.
  • Supports women survivors of trafficking to gain skills for the workplace and find work.
  • Organises in cultural events to increase representation and tackle stigma and discrimination of key populations. Read how Kimirina celebrated Gay Pride in Ecuador in 2012.

Key achievements

In 2011:

  • 16 organisations supported financially
  • 46,807 people reached directly through services
  • 115,451 condoms distributed
  • 174 decision makers reached through advocacy

Read more about Kimirina’s annual achievements on our interactive map


Corporación Kimirina

Bosmediano E14-38 y González Suárez Conjunto Rodríguez Jaramillo, Casa #5, Quito, Ecuador


  • People living with HIV
  • HIV prevelance
  • Deaths due to AIDS

     Kimirina provides technical support to community organisations and helps mobilise key populations