The Alliance’s Linking Organisation in Mexico, Colectivo Sol, supports initiatives which address the social and political impact of HIV and work to defend diversity.

11% of those living with HIV in Latin America live in Mexico. Although there are signs of increasing risk of HIV infection among women, men account for around 77% of cases. HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) is very high at 16.99% (UNAIDS, 2012).

HIV-related stigma and discrimination have a serious impact in Mexico. Sex workers suffer humiliation when seeking medical care; people with HIV are denied jobs; gay men are harassed by the police and transgender people are targets of violence. According to Transrespect, 93 transgender women were killed in Mexico between 2008 and 2011. These attitudes greatly hinder the national response to HIV.

Founded in 1981, Colectivo Sol has been an Alliance linking organisation since 1998. Colectivo Sol provides capacity building and technical assistance programs to civil society organisations (CSOs) to improve their effectiveness and contributes in national efforts to improve key populations lives by reducing and denouncing human rights violations, stigma and discrimination and gender-based violence against them.

Colectivo Sol plays a key role in the national response in Mexico and has strong links with both affected communities and other key stakeholders (government, NGO partners, networks) and the organisation is seen as a technical expert in the community-based HIV response.

Colectivo Sol’s work

  • Colectivo Sol provides technical support and capacity building to Global Fund sub-recipients in their implementation of Round 9 HIV project.
  • Capacity building of community based organisations (CBOs) and key populations so that they are able to actively participate in decision making.
  • Organisational development of CBOs in both technical and financial areas. Over the last two years, they have provided technical support to 70 organisations across Mexico.
  • Raising awareness and building the capacities of service providers in order to generate services that are free from stigma and discrimination.

Key achievements

  • In 2011 Colectivo Sol provided 108 technical support activities to CSOs. Find out more about our annual achievements on our interactive map.
  • From 2006-2010, Colecitvo Sol implemented the Vida Digna project, funded by ViiV Postive Action, with the aim of reducing stigma and discrimination. They worked with worked with people living with HIV, sex workers, transgender people, MSM and people who use drugs. Read more in this case study on Vida Digna. Following the success of the project in Mexico, the Vida Digna model has been transferred to Asociacion Atlacatl, in El Salvador and it is currently being rolled out across Central America with strategic partners RedTraSex and REDLACTRANS.  
  • From 2010-11 Colectivo Sol managed Respondiendo a project to build the capacity of CBOs working with MSM, transgender people and people living with HIV to improve the likelihood of them accessing resources from international donors. Following the success of Respondiendo a second phase of  the project was rolled out in 2011. As part of this work Colectivo Sol created a networking site which invites Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to exchange information addressing some of the challenges around different prevention strategies and implementation methods in Mexico.
  • In 1998, Colectivo Sol established the Condomovil , a truck that travels the country distributing condoms, lubricant,  educational workshops and free testing.  Colectivo Sol passed the project on to another organisation and the Condomovil still operates today. Its success inspired a sister project, the Condomovila, a grassroots women’s project working on prevention and sexual and reproductive rights.