International Secretariat

The UK office is the main base of the International Secretariat.

The role of the International Secretariat has shifted from being a ‘donor’ that provided financial and technical support to individual linking organisations, to being an Alliance equal partner that leads and supports, primarily through:

  • enabling learning
  • best practice
  • advocacy
  • quality standards
  • and brand value

This shift in culture is clearly evident in the Alliance Charter and Linking Agreement. It clearly describes the Alliance, how it works, what its values and commitments are, and how these will be honoured. It has been signed by all linking organisations and the Secretariat as equal partners. By taking a pro-active position, the Alliance aims to be clear about its standards and the integrity and professionalism of all organisations that are part of the global partnership, including the Secretariat.

You can read more about the Alliance model here and find out more about our history here.


International HIV/AIDS Alliance (Secretariat)

1st and 2nd Floor, Preece House, 91-101 Davigdor Road, Hove, BN3 1RE, United Kingdom

     The International Secretariat and Alliance Linking Organisations are equal partners