Our Linking Organisation SCDI champions the mobilisation of civil society in Vietnam’s national HIV response.

In the challenging policy environment in Vietnam, SCDI supports provincial leaders from sex worker and drug user communities to form self-help groups, and helps strengthen them through mentoring, as well as providing organisational and legal support.

In addition, SCDI’s current programme portfolio includes health, community development, counselling and training, and communications related activities delivered in partnership with governmental and local organisations.

SCDI’s work

Community Development: SCDI supports self-help groups of sex workers, partners of people using drugs, and partners of people living with HIV, through mentoring and organisational and legal support.

Health: SCDI’s health programme focuses on direct interventions as well as research, training and evaluation aimed at improving health and quality of life for the community and vulnerable populations in particular.  SCDI provides training on prevention, psychosocial support, and counselling for people living with HIV.

Communications: SCDI strengthens community participation through various methods including publishing and distributing the quarterly magazine ‘Living with HIV’, maintaining a website for people living with HIV, and developing the Key Correspondents team.

National Partnership Platform: SCDI is the host of the national partnership platform VCSPA (Vietnam Civil Society Partnership Platform on AIDS), which brings together almost 200 non-governmental organisations, community groups, networks, and faith based organisations from 40 provinces across Vietnam.

Key achievements

In 2011:

  • 16 organisations supported financially
  • 1,312,127 people reached directly through services (including information, education and communication materials and/or activities and referrals)
  • 50,932 condoms distributed
  • 48,000 copies of information about HIV or sexual and reproductive health distributed