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The Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN) is a membership network of over 200 organisations which provide HIV and AIDS services.

Although Zimbabwe has seen a decline in HIV prevalence rates (26.5% in 2001), rates still remain high at 14.3%. Over the past 10 years the country has seen political and economic upheaval which has aggravated the HIV epidemic and having a strong civil society is essential to the national response.

ZAN strengthens the civil society response to HIV by providing technical support and organisational development to its members. It does this through initiatives including exchange visits, formal training sessions and mentoring.

This support focuses on areas such as strategy development, management, monitoring and evaluation, and key programming areas such as HIV prevention and gender integration.

ZAN also:

  • Advocates for an improved national response to HIV. ZAN seek to influence policy decisions on funding for HIV, TB and other health issues and supports civil society advocacy activities.
  • Supports its member organisations through resource mobilisation and grant making.
  • Shares its experiences across the region. In 2012 ZAN joined four other Alliance Linking Organisations on a visit to The AIDS Consortium (South Africa) to share their experiences of being civil society networks working on HIV. Read more

Key achievements

In 2011:

  • 250 organisations provided with technical support
  • 104,090 people were reached directly through services
  • 441,079 condoms distribute
  • Find out more about our annual achievements on our interactive map.


The Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN)

154 Samora Machel Avenue, Belvedere, Harare


  • People living with HIV
  • HIV prevelance
  • Deaths due to AIDS
  • Orphans due to AIDS

     ZAN strengthens the civil society response to HIV by providing technical support