Our Board Chair to speak on global health and US support

Alliance international chair of trustees, Steve Sinding, is to speak at the launch of a new book which looks back at 50 years of USAID support for global health.

The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Global Health Policy Center is holding an event to launch the book, 50 Years of Global Health: Saving Lives and Building Futures, USAID’s Tradition Continues on Wednesday, June 11 in Washinton DC.

The event will feature an introduction to the book, followed by two panel discussions.

During the first panel, current and former USAID global health officials will discuss the agency’s challenges and achievements related to key global health topics over the past five decades: child health; infectious disease prevention and treatment; family planning; and HIV/AIDS.

The second panel will feature a discussion about the future of global health at USAID, within the U.S. government, and internationally.

Confirmed speakers include: Mr. Robert Clay, USAID; Dr. Kent Hill, World Vision; Dr. E. Anne Peterson, George Washington University and Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences; Dr. Steve Sinding (Alliance chair of trustees); and Dr. Ariel Pablos-Mendez, USAID.

For US based readers, register for the event here.

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