Ukraine: Boycott of regional HIV conference in Moscow

Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organizations have united in boycotting the upcoming IV Eastern Europe and Central Asia HIV/AIDS Conference scheduled for May 12-13, 2014, in Moscow under the auspices of the Russian Federation Government.

Andriy Klepikov, Executive Director of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine said:
"The invasion and mode of the Russian troops operations on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is a direct and blatant interference of the Russian Federation with internal affairs of Ukraine, contradicting basic norms of international law and fundamentals of good neighborhood. These actions are conducive to the breach of Russian obligations towards Ukraine within the framework of the existing international agreements.

"Strongly objecting to any actions leading to violation of territorial integrity or political unity of Ukraine, as well as relying upon the principles of equality and self-determination of nations, we hope that our statement would be supported by our colleagues from other countries."

The special statement can be downloaded here

At the moment, the statement is signed for the following organisations:

  • State AIDS TB Service
  • State Institution “Ukrainian Center for AIDS Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”
  • International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine
  • All Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV
  • The All-Ukrainian charitable foundation, “The Coalition of HIV-Service Organizations”
  • UCAB
  • The All-Ukrainian Association of Public Health
  • Gay Alliance Ukraine
  • The All-Ukrainian charitable foundation Fulcrum
  • Mykolayiv Association of GLB "LEAGUE"
  • The All-Ukrainian charitable foundation League "LEGALIFE"
  • The Association of Substitution Treatment Advocates of Ukraine