Response to UKIP leader's discriminatory remarks

The International HIV/AIDS Alliance is appalled by the discriminatory statements made by UKIP leader Nigel Farage about people living with HIV being barred from entry to the UK.

Not only are Mr. Farage’s comments hugely stigmatizing, they are also out of date and show a complete lack of understanding of the issues.

Whilst there are many countries around the world that restrict the entry, residence and stay of foreigners who are HIV positive, these countries are simply perpetuating stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV by singling out HIV as a “dangerous disease”.

In recognition of the fact that such entry restrictions have no impact on the HIV epidemic, the US removed them in January 2010. And to the UK’s credit no government in the last thirty years has ever put in place border controls against people living with HIV.

Reacting to Farage’s remarks, Alvaro Bermejo, Executive Director of the Alliance, said: “As a UK-based international organisation whose quality of work and global leadership depends on being able to recruit people from communities most vulnerable to HIV, whether living with HIV or not, we strongly condemn his comments.”