Come Together advert nominated for British Arrow award

Our first ever TV advert has been nominated for a British Arrows Craft Award.

British Arrows is the new name for the British Television Advertising Awards which recognise and reward the best television and cinema commercials made by British advertising agencies and production companies.

Our advert was a part of a campaign (We Come Together) which aimed to celebrate safe sex, in all its forms, in a way that’s open, honest and off-beat.

At the time it was aired on British television (February 2014) it attracted attention for being a bit risqué, but the advert has an underlying message that is vital. We wanted to communicate that AIDS is a very real problem for people who do not get the care and support that they need, it can mean illness, isolation and death.

Jane Frisby from Toast TV who made the advert for us was nominated in the Best Casting Category.