First to pass accreditation in Africa

Positive Vibes, our partner in Namibia, is the first African Linking Organisation to become fully accredited under the revamped accreditation system.

The decision was made at a meeting of the Accreditation Committee in India on 26 September 2014. At the same meeting, the accreditation of the Secretariat was also approved. Positive Vibes and the Secretariat join KHANA, our Linking Organisation in Cambodia, which was the first organisation to pass earlier this year.

Caspar Erichsen, Executive Director of Positive Vibes, commented on the news: “We remain proud members of the Alliance and I am happy to say that the experience of the accreditation was on the whole very positive. It gave us pause to reflect with a strong group of peers but also introduced a necessary urgency to fix gaps. Now remains the challenge of setting up more robust long-terms systems.’’

About accreditation

Accreditation is how we guarantee standards and ensure a shared vision and values across our membership. As Monica Davison, Accreditation Advisor, explains: “Accreditation is a vital capacity building tool for civil society organisations who are championing community-led programming and South-to-South cooperation in order to tackle the HIV epidemic in their own countries. It is also proof of capability for current and prospective donors and government stakeholders.”

During the assessment process – which can take up to twelve months - Linking Organisations have to demonstrate that they have appropriate governance and organisational management systems, and can implement specialist HIV programming and policy work which is good value, effective and designed with the involvement of the people who need them the most.

Progress by another ten Linking Organisations will be considered by the Committee in December. Watch this space!

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