Remembering Alan Brotherton

Everyone at the Alliance is extremely saddened to hear news of the death of our friend and colleague Alan Brotherton yesterday in Sydney, Australia.

Alan Brotherton

Alan was a leading HIV, LGBTI health and social justice advocate. He joined the Alliance in 2008 as Senior Advisor: Policy, then later took the position of Senior Advisor: HIV Prevention until he left in 2010.

Alan was so brave and full of life his death is hard to believe. His push for prevention is as needed today as it ever was; his constant reminder that biomedical sciences were not enough, that we needed more social science in the HIV response and that every penny must go to where it is needed most.  A formidable intellect, a strong advocate and amazing person. We shall miss him. 
Alvaro Bermejo, Executive Director
Alan has been an HIV advocate and programming specialist for more than twenty-five years. But those descriptions only partially explain why he mattered so much to so many of us here at the Alliance and in the HIV movement more generally. He had an exquisite capacity to think deeply and differently, and to approach problems and dilemmas in HIV policy or programming with originality, drawing on the personal and avoiding generalisations and simplistic categories.  He taught me loads about how to think about HIV.  And despite all these lofty and rarefied qualities, he turned his nose up at pomposity and formality. He was often hilarious and always down to earth. He loved food, wine, music and good times and he had many friends all over the world. We’ll all miss him so much. 
Susie McLean, Senior Advisor

Our thoughts are with Alan’s partner Luke as well as Alan’s family and friends.

Read ACON’s (the AIDS Council of NSW) statement here