Remembering Callisto Madavo: former Alliance board member

We remember the lightness with which he carried his wisdom and lifetime of experience.

Callisto Madavo

Callisto Madavo served on the Alliance board between April 2005 – November 2010, and December 2011 – November 2015, bringing expertise and warmth to our work on HIV and AIDS.

Here we share memories from colleagues who worked with Callisto during his time at the Alliance.

“I don't know what impressed me more: his wisdom, or the humble, calm attitude with which he delivered it. Callisto was convinced that effective states require good governance and engaged, vibrant societies, and found in the Alliance a way to continue his mission to achieve this. He would always make time to speak to linking organisations, as if he had all the time you needed.” - Alvaro Bermejo: former Executive Director

“Callisto was both deeply knowledgeable about Africa and equally deeply committed to its progress. He was a development expert but much more than that, a genuine humanitarian who cared deeply about his fellow human beings.” - Steven Sinding: successor to Callisto as Chair of the Board of Trustees

"Callisto was one of the wisest and most perceptive of men, with a wonderful understated style. He had a wonderful knack of listening calmly as an intense discussion bounced around the room, then almost reluctantly raising his hand when it seemed we might never find a way through. With just a few quietly expressed and often gently humorous comments he would get straight to the heart of the matter, suggesting a way forward which was clear, perceptive and full of common sense.” - Martin Dinham: current Chair of the Board of Trustees

You can read obituaries about Callisto in the Washington Post, Africare, and The World Bank.