Jamra primary scholl for children affected by HIV/AIDS, drugs or poverty, Senegal (c) Nell Freeman/Alliance Participants in the Photovioce project, Ecuador © Marcela Nievas for the Alliance
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Alliance activities at the IHRA Conference in Beirut


Aids Alliance

Alliance linking organisations and partners will be heavily represented at the next International Harm Reduction Conference to be held in Beirut, Lebanon, 3-7 April 2011.

With injecting drug use still a major factor in HIV transmission, the Alliance will be showcasing its work drug use & HIV which aims to provide people who use drugs with the information, the tools and the commodities to prevent HIV transmission, and to increase access to health care.

At the Conference, the Alliance will be formally launching Community Action on Harm Reduction (CAHR), an ambitious project that aims to expand harm reduction services to more than 180,000 injecting drug users, their partners and children in China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Malaysia.  Read more here.

Immediately preceding the conference, on 2 April, CAHR implementing partners will meet, along with the technical partners involved in the project.

See below for details of other sessions involving Alliance partners.

Sunday 3 April

16.20pm Welcome address (includes Elie Aaraj, SIDC and Middle East and North Africa Harm Reduction Association, part of Alliance North Africa Programme)

Monday 4 April

"Advocacy and Policy" Poster Sessions:
- Learning from mistakes: community mobilisation a key to success in harm reduction services (Sok Chamreun Choub, KHANA, Alliance Linking Organisation in Cambodia)
- Criminalisation of opoid users in Ukraine now 100 times higher than in Russia! Potential and real risks (Pavlo Skala, Ludmila Maistat, Alliance Ukraine)

6.00-8.00pm  Alliance Drinks Reception (by invitation only) For more information contact gkane@aidsalliance.org

Tuesday 5 April

- Developing harm reduction interventions in prisons in Middle East and North Africa (Alvaro Bermejo, Executive Director, Alliance to chair)
- Reflections on the methods and practices of harm reduction (Susie McLean, Senior Advisor on Harm Reduction, Alliance to chair)

"Practice" Poster Sessions:
- Taking a comprehensive approach in impact mitigation for women who inject drugs in Manipur (Sunita Grote, Alliance India)
- Gender-sensitive approach to  HIV prevention among female injecting drug users in Ukraine (Ludmyla Shulga, Alliance Ukraine)
- Counselling, testing, referral and no treatment for drug users in Ukraine (Pavlo Smyrnov, Alliance Ukraine)

Wednesday 6 April

- Country experiences in opoid substitution treatment: Building capacity of drug users to educate and support other drug users about methodone in China (Wang Jing, Alliance China presenting)
- The harms of criminalisation: Criminal prosecution of medical staff involved in SMT programs impedes counteracting HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ukraine (Pavlo Skala, Deputy Director, Alliance Ukraine presenting)

Concurrent Session:
- Opportunities for harm reduction and drug policy in Africa (Susie McLean, Senior Advisor Harm Reduction, Alliance is a panellist)

"Research" Poster Sessions:
- Female Injecting Drug Users: the new perspective on HIV Prevention (Ludmyla Shulga, Alliance Ukraine)
- Preliminary Assessment of Overdose Cases in Ukraine (Ludmyla Shulga, Alliance Ukraine)

Thursday 7 April

- Families, parenthood and drugs : Neglected Families (Kate Iorpenda, Senior Advisor, Children and Impact Mitigation presenting)

The International Harm Reduction Conference is calling for acknowledgement that people who use drugs, as a key population group affected by HIV and AIDS, have not reached universal access to HIV prevention renewed commitment, action toward this goal and commitment to removing legal and policy barriers to achieving this. Join the global call to action.

This page will be updated regularly as conference programme details become available.