2016 was a year of accelerating change in the global HIV response, with declining political and financial commitment to HIV, shrinking space for civil society, and an international political environment characterised by a high degree of volatility and uncertainty. The Alliance remains well positioned and able to adapt to change in an increasingly complex and uncertain external environment, and we continued having a significant impact on reducing the effects of HIV epidemics worldwide.


In 2016, Alliance Linking Organisations and partners:

  • provided nearly 1.5 million HIV treatment, care and support packages to adults, adolescents and children - a 25% increase from 2015
  • reached over 950,000 people with integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights services
  • reached nearly 840,000 people from key populations with a defined package of HIV prevention services – including 180,000 in Africa
  • reached nearly 380,000 people with programmes addressing stigma, discrimination and social exclusion in countries with high levels of stigma - up from 160,000 in 2015
  • contributed 10% or more of the national coverage for HIV prevention, care or treatment in 16 countries – up from 11 in 2015
  • played a role holding governments to account in upholding human rights, enabling universal access to services or increasing domestic financing of the national HIV response in 28 countries
  • provided grants to 1,785 community-based organisations, of which 82% achieved their programmatic and financial targets.
I feel inspired that I’m able to reach people, some of who are in my situation. I’m able to listen. I’m able to come out and help them in one-way or another. - Mariam, 19, Uganda

2016 Report and Accounts

Our work is having an impact at global, national and community level, and improving the lives of millions of people. Young people like Janet, Mariam, and Daphine have chosen to share their stories with you to help raise awareness, reduce stigma, and increase support for HIV programmes.

Others have featured in videos that we produced in 2016 to share our work further, such as Mona, Cedric, Rawnak, Moly, Aneni, Daphine, Nicholas, and Chan Chan in Aiming high: Meaningful youth engagement. Daphine also starred in Love a Positive Life, which won the Radi-Aid Golden Radiator Award for the most empowering aid video of 2016.

Read the reflections of Christine Stegling, our Executive Director, and download the 2016 Report and Accounts.

2016 facts

People grey fact
1.5 million

The number of people who received HIV treatment, care and support

Red map fact

community-based organisations received grants through the Alliance