Foundations for impact

The Alliance strategy works towards four key results.
Result 4 is having the right foundations in place to make our strategy happen. We do this by ensuring we have a strong Alliance partnership that is evidence-based and accountable to communities.

To achieve our ambitious targets and contribute to a world without AIDS, we need to do things differently and better. This response tracks our ability to ensure the Alliance remains relevant and valued by its members, and to maintain and expand our accreditation system.

To achieve an impact on the epidemic, we will ensure quality in our programmes, deliver capacity strengthening and organisational resilience in our partner organisations, and work to ensure a united and collaborative Alliance. We will also develop new models of partnership with existing key-population-led networks and groups to ensure that civil society is given the political space to further development in all societies.


Nasla’s mother works two jobs to support her and her older brother. She became a mother at 13 and had to put her studies on hold but she’s recently passed an ICT qualification. She hopes she can build better foundations for her children, and that they will have more options and security than she has. © International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Accreditation – the backbone of a strong Alliance

The accreditation system is how we guarantee standards and a shared sense of vision and values across the global Alliance. Using assessment teams from peer Linking Organisations, we rigorously assess good governance, organisational management and good practice HIV programming.

Since the start of the strategy period in 2013, 27 Linking Organisations have initiated the enhanced accreditation process. By the start of 2016, 19 Linking Organisations and the Alliance secretariat had met all 38 standards and had been awarded accredited status. Read more here.

A valued Alliance

On average, Linking Organisations rated the Alliance 3.9 out of 5 in our Alliance value index. For the fourth year running, the most important value remained ‘credibility and prestige’.