Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

“Young people don’t have sex.” 
“Abortion is a sin.” 
“You can’t ask someone to use a condom or they’ll presume you have HIV.”

These are just some of the controversial views that make talking about sexual health taboo and it difficult for people to request the services they need.

We take an integrated approach to sexual and reproductive health (SRH), rights, maternal and child health and HIV. Services must address a person’s needs as a whole so they are in control of their sexual health and when they get pregnant and have children.

The BEZA Anti-AIDS youth group, are determined to use their combined talents for music and dance to get messages about HIV prevention across to the wider public, and in particular to their peers.(c) Benjamin Chesterton\duckrabbit\International HIV/AIDS Alliance Poor sexual reproductive health and HIV infection share many root causes in poverty, gender inequality, stigma and cultural norms.

Family planning and HIV programmes also share many desired outcomes in dual protection (HIV and pregnancy), sexual and reproductive health and for all, and a reduction in maternal, newborn and child mortality.

The Alliance is delivering two key SRH and rights projects. Link Up with young people most affected by HIV in five countries, and SHARP which is aimed at men who have sex with men.