Scientific developments and the scale up of effective programmes have meant that AIDS-related deaths and new HIV infection rates are falling. 

In 2015, the global AIDS response reached the ambitious target of providing life-saving HIV treatment to some 15 million people. We have now halted and begun to reverse the AIDS epidemic. However more than half of the people living with HIV still don’t have access to treatment, and among them, key populations are significantly less likely to be able to access it due to structural barriers such as social stigma and the criminalisation of sex between men, sex work and drug use.

The Alliance is making a significant contribution to the global HIV care continuum, engaging community based organisations across the world in the provision of services that range from HIV testing and counselling to the provision of community-based solutions to treatment, care and support, including the training of public health staff in order to reduce stigma towards people living with HIV.

Taking ARVs, Malaysia. © Alliance