HIV post-2015

In 2000, world governments agreed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which aimed to address the greatest challenges facing developing countries.

At a time when AIDS was killing three million people each year, MDG 6 brought new hope by pledging to halt and reverse the spread of HIV. Fourteen years on, almost 10 million people are receiving antiretroviral treatment in developing countries and HIV programmes have scaled up access to testing, condoms and services to prevent mother to child transmission, but there is still much more to do.

ARVS (c) Alliance

With the deadline for the MDGs falling in 2015, the global community is negotiating a new development framework which looks set to have just one health goal. The Alliance has led the global HIV community in calling for a strong HIV target under this goal, which will bring us closer to ending AIDS.

Working with partners at national, regional and global levels, we are also pushing for a commitment to remove legal and social barriers which prevent people living with HIV and those most affected from accessing HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.