Building Blocks: Africa wide-briefing notes (Ndebele)


Together with partners in Zimbabwe, the Alliance has produced an adaptation of Building Blocks: Africa wide briefing notes in Ndebele, which aims to increase the effectiveness of communities and other local level organisations in their efforts to assist orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. 

This resource is primarily for use by NGOs and CBOs working on community-based support for orphans and vulnerable children in Ndebele-speaking areas. They include principles and strategies to guide work, as well as short case studies to illustrate ways of working with communities to put the advice into practice. 

The development of the guides followed a similar process to the ‘Building Blocks Africa-wide briefing notes’, while developing completely new guidance based on regional priorities. They cover the following topics: Overview; health; economic strengthening; education; psychosocial support; social inclusion; and older carers.