Making rights a reality

English, Spanish

This document presents six case studies that reflect part of the diversity and intense work that has been done by transgender people organizations in defense of their rights. The cases featured give an overview of experiences in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras and Uruguay.

This publication is the result of a REDLACTRANS initiative that aims to document the work of different national networks of transgender people, so that it will become possible to share successful experiences. In this way, it seeks to inspire other transgender people organizations and community based organizations in general towards active, coordinated work for the attainment of their rights.

After a brief contextualization of the situation of transgender people in Latin America, there is a concise description of the process of collecting data and writing the case studies. In the following section the case studies are presented. They can be used together or separately according to the objectives of advocacy or mobilization of resources of different organizations. Lastly, there is a summary of recommendations, arising from the cases described, for strengthening the work of transgender people organizations in alliance with other actors.

This work was made possible by the coordinated efforts of UNAIDS, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and REDLACTRANS, working in synergy for the human rights of transgender people.

This publication is also available in Spanish.