Responding to the HIV-related needs of MSM in Africa

English, French

This guide has been produced for people who want to improve the response to the HIV-related needs of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Africa.

The guide provides a set of activities for you to facilitate a meeting with key stakeholders who are responsible for improving local and national responses to HIV among MSM. It includes step-by-step advice about how to run sessions, together with a variety of resource material and presentations that will be useful to you and your group.

It also provides basic information to increase understanding about MSM and, in particular, MSM and the HIV epidemic.

The guide is designed to help participants:

  • explore their own attitudes and feelings about working with MSM
  • identify what is being done already, or has been done elsewhere, that could be usefully adapted to their local setting
  • identify and plan a course of action in response to local situations.

Presentation resources for facilitators:

The two presentations below are intended to assist facilitators in the use of this guide:

The guide is also available in French.