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Gender and sexuality are cross cutting factors in the transmission of HIV and the care and support of those infected and affected. Without addressing these issues the response to the epidemic is limited. This toolkit provides a resource aimed at enabling individuals and organisations working on HIV and AIDS issues to address gender and sexuality effectively.

The toolkit gives guidance on how to build relations and trust with key community stakeholders in order to support this work; prepare facilitation teams and train them. It was inspired, developed and produced with the support and expertise of a large number of individuals, groups and organisations through workshops, seminars and field experience in Zambia.

The toolkit contains participatory activities which enable groups of men and women of different ages to explore how gender and sexuality affect their lives and identify changes which they wish to make to improve their relationships and sexual health. It aims to establish the ongoing involvement of key stakeholders such as chiefs, traditional advisors, teachers, health workers, civil society organisations and religious and other leaders. 

The tools involve community members using techniques such as role-play and making diagrams using local resources such as the ground, sticks and everyday objects to generate discussion. Contents include sections on: Gender, sexuality and vulnerability, Sex and relationships, Sexual violence, Working together and Making an action plan.