Network capacity analysis toolkit: Rapid assessment guide


This toolkit is to build the skills required by civil society networks to develop and strengthen their capacity.

They can be used by networks to help identify their capacity building needs, plan technical support interventions, and monitor and evaluate the impact of capacity building.

The Alliance has developed two formats of this toolkit in order to respond to different needs and to respond to different situations. These have been produced as two separate publications – firstly as a Rapid assessment guide, and secondly as a detailed Workshop facilitation guide.

The Rapid guide can be used to plan, steer, and collect outcomes of a meeting or teleconference where, due to specific needs or limited resources, the aim is to do a more rapid capacity analysis. As a general rule, the Workshop facilitation guide can be used, where resources and aspiration allow, to structure, deliver and report on a two to three day workshop.

They provide a structured approach to generating both quantitative and qualitative information about the situation of the organisation at the time of analysis. The resulting outcomes can also be used to track progress when developing capacity.