Don't stop now: Invest in communities to stop AIDS


As major scientific breakthroughs offer a real possibility of ending AIDS in a generation, there are signs that the international donor community could be taking its foot off the pedal right at the time when it is possible to accelerate progress.

The timing is alarming. Never before has it been clearer what’s required to stop AIDS.

Since the publication of the Investment Framework for HIV and AIDS in July 2011, a number of stakeholders (including UNAIDS, International Civil Society Support, the World Bank and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance) have been working in partnership at national level to ensure that the concepts of critical enablers, and community mobilisation in particular, are better understood and costed, and can be fully incorporated into national responses to HIV. This discussion paper is a contribution to that work.

We recognise that many other organisations have substantial experience of mobilising communities to respond to HIV and AIDS. However, this paper is very much about the experience and perspective of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (the Alliance). By attempting to define and describe our own approach to community mobilisation within the concepts of the Investment Framework, we hope to engage with other stakeholders and contribute to a growing body of work that will help Alliance Linking Organisations, their partners and other civil society organisations to feel more confident to do the same at the national level.