HIV in fragile states


These three case studies examine the experience of three Alliance Linking organisations working in fragile states:

  • The HIV response in political conflicts: Lessons learnt from Cote d’Ivoire 2002-2010
    This case study examines the role Alliance Nationale Contre le SIDA (ANS-CI), an Alliance Linking Organisation, played in maintaining the country’s HIV response during the military-political crisis over the last decade.
  • The HIV response in emergencies: Lessons learnt from the 2010 Haiti earthquake
    This case study examines the experience of Promoteurs Objectif Zerosida (POZ), an Alliance Linking Organisation working to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and other STIs in Haiti, during the aftermath of the earthquake.
  • The HIV response in conflict: Lessons learnt from South Sudan
    This case study examines the experience of the lead agency working on strengthening civil society’s response to HIV in South Sudan, the Alliance for Community Health Initiatives (ACHI), an Alliance Linking Organisation.