Trainer’s manual: Community engagement for antiretroviral treatment


This resource targets staff and volunteers of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs). 

The curriculum is designed to be explained in layperson terms to those who have had no medical training. The goals of the curriculum are to raise awareness and prepare CBOs and NGOs to:

  1. support people with HIV who are on ARV treatment, and their families particularly regarding adherence,
  2. prepare people with HIV who are not yet on ARV treatment but who might need it in the future,
  3. provide information on ARV treatment to the general population through community education and promotion of HIV testing and prevention,
  4. advocating for ever-greater access to ARV treatment, particularly for the most disadvantaged, and
  5. designing, delivering, monitoring, and evaluating ARV treatment programs. 

The original French version of the curriculum was field tested in Senegal and Cote d'Ivoire. The curriculum was adapted into English and the curriculum along with additional activities on stigma, prevention, and the treatment journey were tested in Zambia and the Caribbean. Each module of the curriculum includes one or more participatory activities plus additional information, suggestions for materials to use in the activities and examples of activity results from trainings in the aforementioned countries. 

The curriculum also includes a number of annexes that contain information for photocopying and distributing to participants at different stages throughout the training.