Evaluation of the Alliance Strategy and Theory of Change (2014)


In August 2014, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance engaged Social Development Direct (SDDirect) to undertake an independent evaluation of its Strategy and Theory of Change, HIV, Health and Human Rights: Sustaining Community Action, 2013-2020. 

The overall objectives of the evaluation were:

  • To measure the Alliance’s performance in achieving the outcomes of the organisational strategy and theory of change and selected thematic areas (value for money, sustainability, relevance/effectiveness, beneficiary feedback, and gender) including key achievements and challenges.
  • To provide evidence (and validate existing evidence) of progress against the theory of change and its assumptions, including an in-depth exploration of selected key processes of change.

The Alliance has also produced a management response to the evaluation and its recommendations, see below.

Eval fact
Evaluation of the Alliance Strategy and Theory of Change

HIV, Health and Human Rights - Sustaining Community Action, 2013-2020 (Executive Summary)